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Fonts Matter

No matter what you do, project wise, we can all agree that fonts matter. We’ve been talking in our office lately about some of the most insane design fails we’ve seen simply because the font was illeg...


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New Year, New You?

The new year is here, and we at the Washington Media Services office have noticed a trend that seemed to start last year: businesses reinventing themselves through new logos or identities. Is it neede...


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Do We (Designers) Hold Projects Hostage?

So, I thought the days of this practice were long gone, but stories about this horror still surface from time to time. We at Washington Media Services thought it might be a good idea to make sure this...


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Social Media and Your Business

Facebook has been in and out of hot water of late, Twitter seems to be trying to stay out of trouble, and many people I’ve worked with don’t understand Instagram. While these aren’t ...


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What’s #Trending

I know we all like to see what’s the best new trend in just about any market. We all want the latest in gadgetry, social media, clothes, and more. However, should this spill over into graphic/we...


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Do You Need Print in Your Life?

Thought time! Washington Media Services has seen a lot of clients look away from print products. However, we’d like to run down a little rabbit hole on the importance of print… First off, ...


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Responsive Web Design – Do it NOW

You’ve probably heard of responsive web design, but why does it matter? Imagine sitting on the subway, fighting off boredom. Naturally you grab your smart phone and start browsing the Internet. You’re...


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How to Behave After an Internship Concludes

The time is now coming where your internship is coming to its conclusion. You’ve learned a lot and hopefully made some new friends (*cough cough* References *cough cough* ). Here are some tips to cons...


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How to Behave During an Internship

You’ve successfully found an internship, applied, interviewed, and have been offered the position (FINALLY!). The hard part is over, right? NOPE! Sorry intern, it’s just beginning. But don...


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How to Behave After an Interview

Okay, so you’ve totally rocked the interview, but now you’re waiting to hear whether or not you got the internship. Believe it or not, there are a couple of things you should do while you’re waiting. ...


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How to Behave During an Internship Interview

Welcome to part 2 of “How To Get An Internship.” So now that you’ve found your prefect internship and been offered an interview, what do you next? I’m so glad you asked! Part 2...


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How To Get An Internship

I love working with students. If I hadn’t pursued web design, I probably would have been happy staying at WWU and working with Resident Life forever. But, since that didn’t happen, my hope is that I c...


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Biggest Challenge for Web Design Firms

I’ve been asked: “What will be the biggest challenge for web design and hosting firms in the next few years, and why?” Well, here’s my answer: The Biggest Challenge The biggest...


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How Has the Design Industry Changed?

That’s a huge question. You could write entire books about how the design industry has changed and continues to shape and mold our society (and a lot of smart people have!). But let’s just...


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Qualities of a Successful Design Firm

You know, there’s a lot of “noise” out there and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t. So, what makes a successful (and consequently an easy-to-w...


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Affordable Graphic Design Services

It’s shameless “self-promotion-of-our-company” time! Sit back, relax, and read about how Washington Media Services can provide amazing and affordable graphic design services at a fra...


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Social Networking – It’s important

Did you know that social networking is a great way to advertise your business? Chances are pretty good that you already have a personal Facebook or MySpace that you use to keep in contact with your cl...


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Fun Times With Mail!

Did you know that Washington Media provides bulk-mailing services? Not only can we design some snazzy looking mailers for you, but we can compile, fold AND send them to your customers too! Our team ha...


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Review and Update Your Marketing Plans

It’s a great time to take inventory of your marketing plans: What has/hasn’t worked and why? Is there a better or more efficient way to execute a specific plan? Do you have any new market...


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