How to Behave During an Internship Interview

Welcome to part 2 of “How To Get An Internship.” So now that you’ve found your prefect internship and been offered an interview, what do you next? I’m so glad you asked!

Part 2: How to behave during an internship interview (or any interview really…)

  1. Dress professionally – While expressing your personality as a designer is important, let your work do the talking. Generally it’s safer to dress business casual and professionally, even if the office dress code is more casual. Dress for success!
  2. Answer honestly – Interviewers can tell a fake and canned answer when they hear it. By now they’ve interviewed enough to spot it right away. So always tell the truth! Do a quick Google search about the most common interview questions to help you prepare so you’re not stumbling around (TIP: practice in the mirror or with a friend and do a dry-run).
  3. Prepare Questions for the Interview – In my own experience, at the close of most interviews you’re going to be asked if you have any questions for them. Show your thoughtfulness and ask relevant and meaningful questions about the company, and about the internship in particular. One thing I always like to ask is when you should expected to hear from them about the job. Two days? Two weeks? Make sure you clarify so that you’re not waiting for a call that might never come. If the contact deadline passes, politely call and inquire, but don’t be pushy if they don’t have an answer for you. My first design job took me four months to hear about (but hey, I got hired so it was worth the wait!).
  4. Research – Know about the company you’re interviewing for! Become intimately familiar with their company website and social sites. Know everything!
  5. Thank Your Interviewer – A simple “thank you” goes a long way. Let them know that you appreciate their time.

Thanks for reading!

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