Biggest Challenge for Web Design Firms

I’ve been asked: “What will be the biggest challenge for web design and hosting firms in the next few years, and why?” Well, here’s my answer:

The Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge will be keeping up with the new devices, experiences, and how users interact with them. Touch screens, HTML 5, CSS3, and (do I dare say?) holographic interactive websites are just going to keep advancing at a breakneck speed. Today’s Samsung Galaxy and iPhone UI isn’t tomorrow’s immersive website experience.

The advancements in touch screen technology and mobile phones transformed the way we see the web. I believe the next big jump in experiencing (and designing) the web will involve 3D and holographic immersion. We already experience 3D in theaters (and sometimes even at home), what’s to stop us from taking a page out of Minority Report, Ender’s Game, and pretty much every other Sci-Fi movie and actually “touch” the web in front of us? When that happens, web designers are going to have to step up and design for this new environment.

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